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Call: +44 (0) 117 362 0100

Chalet Ski Holidays

Chalet Ski Holidays is a ski chalets specialist with over 35 years experience in the ski industry. Having skied across the world, we are able to provide helpful support to ensure you book the right ski chalet holiday in the right ski resort for your ski group. One size doesn't fit all here, so whether you are selecting from our Quality Standard portfolio of chalets or our boutique range found in our Luxury Chalets Collection, we have something tailored for everyone from our huge selection of chalets.

The fabulously luxurious Chalet Apartment Soline in St Anton Austria Afternoon tea awaits your return A relax in the hot tub with views over the Valais

Passionate About Getting Your Holiday Right For You

Trust is only a small five letter word but one we believe has a deep and important place in good businesses. Hence why we place three elements as critical to delivering the right holiday for you: 

  1. Consultants with an indepth ski knowledge and travel industry experience
  2. Passionate about delivering a high quality service focused on excellence at all times
  3. Provide a tailored, select, but comprehensive choice that truly fits your requirements and needs

At Chalet Ski Holidays, our success is based on your loyal custom. Here you will only talk to experienced skiers who understand each of the ski resorts and chalets we feature. From your individual requirements, we can use our knowledge and experience to help facilitate the best match for your groups needs and aspirations, whether it is a family ski holiday, mixed ability groups, apres-ski, nightlife, other requirements or several, helping you make the best choice. Offering some of the best ski chalets and ski holidays, in the best ski resorts, that match your individual requirements.

Fabulous ski holidays in St Anton Courchevel 1850 ESF Husky rides and fun

Q&A - Get To Know The Management Team 

Mark - Chief Operating Officer 

Mark - Chalet Ski Holidays How Long Have You Worked In The Travel Industry:

Over 10 years now. It is a wonderful industry to work in in my opinion. In simple terms you are doing what we all love doing, looking for and finding a fabulous ski holiday. Once you have found the right one,  then ensuring everything thereafter goes to plan to ensure it is the special week they all are expecting. 

What Did You Do Before This:

I worked in various industries, automotive, rail, the energy sector, and then public and health sectors.  Quite varied I guess and likewise the roles too. I am lucky enough to have held several executive roles, and have been involved in a MBO before setting up my own consultancy. The latter was probably the most enjoyable as it focused a great deal on strategic change / transformation and every challenge is of course different as a consequence!

What Made Your Move Into The Travel Industry: 

Skiing in Verbier in 1991 when I just had this harebrained idea to buy a chalet in the Alps and foolishly told my friends. I had no choice thereafter as they never let me forget it! Now when they join me on their holidays, I guess one could say he who laughs last laughs longest!

Ski Ability:

Intermediate / Advanced - I guess it depends who's judging me - if you asked my son he would have me down as "a complete beginner"! I've skied now for nearly 30 years and lived 10 years in the Alps, but it is all relevant to who you are measuring yourself against. This is particularly true in the bigger resorts when you go out with skiers who have lived there all their life - it is a humbling experience and it is also then that you realise my son may well have a point!

 So Does Your Son Ski:

Very much so, he spends his winters in the Alps and skis with the local club. It is his favourite sport. I also have a daughter who is a keen snowboarder and climber. She is out numbered on the ski front as my wife skis too. We are both immensely proud of them both as I am sure all parents are of their children. 

Family skiing in great family friendly ski resorts

Where Do You Ski Mostly and Which Are Your Favourite Ski Resorts: 

I ski mainly in Chamonix (challenging at times but such great off-piste) and quite a lot in Verbier too (great alternative to Chamonix). Not forgetting Courmayeur for wonderful Italian mountain lunches!! All have their own merits as do so many other ski resorts. I love Zermatt for example for its mountain history and the stunning village and scenery. There is something so nice about its traffic free streets, and not forgetting the great manicured pistes and off-piste skiing too. The Three Valleys has to be mentioned for its limitless options, same with Val d'Isere and Tignes! Off the beaten track, Sainte Foy which is one of my favourite places for a day or three - it is little known but great for learning to ski off-piste. I could go on, but I'll finish with St Anton - awesome skiing, and now just waiting a year or two for the children to be a little older before I go back to show the two younger family members why its wonderful skiing is overshadowed by its apres-ski!   

Do You Have Any Other Interests:

Definitely, I love rugby but nowadays resigned to watching rather than playing. Being in my 'middle age' I have crossed over from mountain biking to road cycling and also play tennis at our local club, but on a very amateurish basis!

Marketing and Sales Director: Sarah

Sarah - Chalet Ski Holidays

How Long Have You Worked in the Travel Industry:

Far too long to admit! I left university and decided to go and do a season on the yachts, with one season turning into several with a few ski seasons in St Anton & elsewhere too.  I then set up and ran my own Chalet company in Verbier for 12 years so to answer the question, all my working life!

Ski Ability: 

Hard to say, but probably an intermediate and that isn't being modest! Running a ski chalet business professionally and to ensure customers came back year after year, it is intensive. Staff need support and direction, customers that extra element of care that really only you can bring through personal involvement and commitment.It sounds a cliche, but I was happier in the chalet giving service more than I was on the slopes.

I understand you have two small children - have they skied yet: 

No, but James is now three and we still have one of our chalets in Verbier so there is no reason not to start him next year.

Having Spent So Long In The Alps - Gloucestershire or Verbier:

Do I miss Verbier, in someways yes, in other ways it is nice to be back in Britain.  Despite spending several seasons in the Alps with me, my husband never really took to skiing so he is much happier back here. Yes, there is one such person! He enjoyed it out there but just loves the UK more. For me, after 12 years it was time to come back and spend more time with mine and Clive's family. We still have a ski chalet so we can still have the best of both worlds anyway. 

Where Do You Ski Mostly: 

Verbier, mainly because it is a second home for me, having spent over 17 years there and we have the family chalet in the heart of the town. Sometimes Mark drags us out to Chamonix as well which always seems to involve a lunch! One of my other favourites is Zermatt. Love the stylish but relaxed pace and way of life where you can sit in a mountain restaurant, relax in the sun, and admire the views.

A traditional luxurx ski resort with curling in the centre under the Matterhorn

Do You Have Any Other Interests: 

I enjoy cooking but my passion is reading. I love books and my ideal way to relax is in the sunshine, glass of wine in one hand, and a book in the other. However there is a but, with Chalet Ski Holidays and two small children such moments are not as frequent as they used to be!

Company Secretary: Frances

Frances - Chalet Ski Holidays How Long Have You Worked In The Travel Industry: 

Nearly 12 years now and wouldn't work anywhere else. It is such a great sector to be in. It is challenging at times, but when you are helping people book their winter holidays, there is nothing else like it. 

What Did You Do Before This: 

Something very different as I am a qualified Accountant. I worked in a very well known logistics organisation as a Financial Controller and then in the Insurance industry.  What I do now is somewhat different and  I couldn't imagine going back, but I loved the roles back then.

So What Made You Make Such A Dramatic Change: 

Time in my life I guess, children, wanting to do something completely diffferent, it just seemed right, particularly for the family and life balance.

Ski Ability: I think like many female skiers, I am fairly tidy, but less aggressive than my male counterparts so it is hard to say. I don't know really, I guess intermediate to advanced. I'd like to think my skiing has improved over the years and last year I spent every Wednesday on an off-piste ski touring course and I think it seemed to make a big difference. 

So How Long Have You Been Skiing:

I have skied since school, so that question is nearly as bad as asking me how old I am!

Fabulous holidays with great powder skiing

Do You Have A Favourite Resort:

Not really, certainly no strong preference. I like skiing different ski resorts. I love the choice of the Three Valleys. Chamonix is great for its off-piste too, but probably St Anton stands out as one of the best. But it depends how I am feeling, sometimes I love cruising and other times the challenge. Megeve or Courmayeur for a relaxing ski, maybe one of the bigger resorts for something more challenging.

Apart From Skiing, What Else Do You Enjoy Doing:

I love the outdoors and love hiking in the spring when all the snow has melted. I go every day (well almost) with our dog Bode who is of course named after the skier.