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Call: +44 (0) 117 362 0100


Chalet Ski Holidays

Since 2010, Chalet Ski Holidays have set out to provide only the very best catered luxury chalets and catered luxury ski holidays in the Alps (Austria, France and Switzerland). Carefully hand picking our chalets and holidays in the best ski resorts, we have worked tirelessly to seek to ensure the service and chalet not only meets - but exceeds your aspirations. Choose from our Quality Standard, or for the finest chalets in the world from our Luxury Chalets and Luxury Ski Holidays Collection where attention to detail, opulence and convenience are always a given. And don't forget, our experienced  Chalet Ski Holidays team are always on hand to guide you through and help you make the right choice.

Luxury Chalets And Ski Holidays

Visit our Luxury Chalets and Ski Holidays Collection for the very finest luxury ski holidays in the world. A selection of 5 and 6 star ski vacations for extremely discerning taste where even the smallest of things have been considered and choreographed for your comfort and enjoyment. Concierge, professional Michelin trained chefs, Chauffeured 4x4's, Spa's, Swimming Pools, Cinema Rooms, Gymnasiums, Massage and Treatment Rooms, Billiard Rooms, some you will even find have their own private Hairdressers and Nightclub! Truly luxurious and special luxury ski holidays at Chalet Ski Holidays.